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Factual, informative, straightforward.

Nicole Formica-Schiller publishes regularly as an author, writes articles, and statements. Factual, informative, straightforward.
Current developments, in a national and global context, presented in an understandable and exciting way. With the right mix of foresight and pragmatism. Not abstract, but with concrete examples.

Nicole Formica-Schiller makes digital opportunities visible and forward-looking topics present. Thought-provoking and with an infectious enthusiasm for the topics around her expertise.

A digital wake-up call!
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The new book by Nicole Formica-Schiller “Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Healthcare: How COVID-19 and future-oriented technologies are revolutionizing the status quo“.

Facts, background knowledge and practical application examples. Unexpected inter-connections. Memorably visualized with illustrations and tables. With a fascinating outlook on our future digital health system.

So far, one of the few, if not the only, book on the market that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain for healthcare in one publication.
For all those who question the status quo in healthcare. With curiosity and a desire for digital change.

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European Health Data Space: Transforming health data access and sharing

In this report Nicole Formica-Schiller provides an overview of the current proposal for the European Health Data Space (EHDS), outlined by the European Commission Proposal dated 3rd May 2022, its challenges and issues with implementation as well as potential implications for the healthcare system. Followed by her key findings and recommendations.

Statement “Regulation” by Nicole Formica-Schiller for the German Israeli Health Forum for Artificial Intelligence (GIHF-AI) supported by German Federal Ministry of Health

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Handelsblatt Journal Special Feature “Health” with Nicole Formica-Schiller

Digital thought leader Nicole Formica-Schiller featured in German leading business journal Handelsblatt sharing her views on Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences and Healthcare as well as the role of Big Tech. Including her recommendations for an investor-friendly tech ecosystem, AI innovation made in Europe, EHDS and EU AI regulation.

„Artificial Intelligence as push for innovation in Life Sciences and Healthcare.“

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OECD Digital Economy Papers:
The AI Footprint

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can use massive computational resources, raising sustainability concerns. Nicole Formica-Schiller contributed to this report on how to improve understanding of AI environmental impacts, and help measure and decrease AI’s negative effects. While enabling it to accelerate action for the good of the planet.

Distinguishing direct environmental impacts of developing, using and disposing AI systems and equipment, from indirect costs and benefits of AI applications. Recommending measurement standards, expanding data collection, identifying AI-specific impacts, looking beyond operational energy use and emissions, improving transparency and equity. To help policy makers make AI part of the solution to sustainability challenges.

Measuring Environmental Impacts of Artificial Intelligence Compute and Applications

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AI Knowledge and Education Center:
Focus Health

As part of the program “Future Centers (AI)”, KIWW, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Nicole Formica-Schiller explains the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: How to best benefit from AI as key technology? Can we create a human-centered, trustworthy and transparent AI? Why are data and European projects with national scope such as “European Health Data Space” (EHDS) important prerequisites? What is the role of AI EU regulation? What are her recommendations for a positive impact of AI in healthcare?

„Technological innovation, digital sovereignty, disruptive innovation and interdisciplinarity are indispensable for a sustainable healthcare system! Implementing sustainability and ethics in a goal-oriented way.“

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E-Health: Challenges for Europe and its member states in its digitization struggle while parts of East Asia and the USA are pushing ahead

Nicole Formica-Schiller discusses technological trends and venture capital investment with a focus on US and China, why no healthcare system can do without digitization, data and AI, the role of Blockchain in healthcare. And what this has to do with current economic, geopolitical, societal digital developments.

»Germany is facing a complete reorientation.«

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OECD Digital Economy Papers:
“A Blueprint for Building National Compute Capacity for Artificial Intelligence”

Governments are partially launching AI strategies without knowing if they have the computing capacity to implement them. AI has special infrastructure needs. To help countries prepare, the OECD launched “A Blueprint for Building National Compute Capacity for Artificial Intelligence”. With contributions by Nicole Formica-Schiller this report lays out recommendations to help countries assess and build their AI compute capacity. To better support national AI

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Artificial Intelligence and Digital Sovereignty Quo Vadis?

The question of appropriate balance of digital ethics and innovation in the digital age of human-machine interaction.

In today’s digital world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) influences daily life. Unnoticed by many. In her foreword related to the book project “GenZ”, Nicole Formica-Schiller takes an in-depth look at questions arising in that context and provides an outlook up to the year 2035: What about ethical aspects and biases? How about digital sovereignty? What responsibility do we have as society for the development of a human-centered technology?

Nicole Formica-Schiller sheds light on whether our control over technology and control by technology is becoming increasingly blurred.

True to her motto: we need a world in which digital innovation enriches our lives without at the same time limiting our freedom and autonomy.

Foreword by Nicole Formica-Schiller in the context of “U30For35 – Thoughts of today for the country of tomorrow”

Stay tuned! Stay curious!

Further publications to be published on an ongoing basis.