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Interdisciplinary, dynamic, pragmatic.

Nicole Formica-Schiller stands for the new digital generation driving Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Disruptive Technologies and for a sustainable digital future.
She is considered an international expert, known for her ability to translate complex digital trends of tomorrow into use cases of today.

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The new book “Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Healthcare: How COVID-19 and future-oriented technologies revolutionize the status quo” by Nicole Formica-Schiller. A digital wake-up call!

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As a digital thought leader, Nicole Formica-Schiller is a sought-after speaker at national and international levels. She is known for making current developments and future trends tangible.

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As CEO & founder of Pamanicor Health, a global advisory firm, Nicole Formica-Schiller drives digital transformation. A passionate entrepreneur who sees digitalization as an opportunity and implements it innovatively.

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Nicole Formica-Schiller sits on numerous (inter-)national Boards. Shaping a sustainable digital future through interdisciplinary exchange with industry, politics, academia, and society.

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Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Healthcare

How COVID-19 and future-oriented technologies are revolutionizing the status quo

“For all those who question the status quo in the healthcare sector. With curiosity and a desire for digital change. And for those who want to know more about what is digitally possible.”

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