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»Engagement and interdisciplinary exchange with business, administration, politics and society is essential for me to responsibly help shape a sustainable, digital future for everyone.«

KI Bundesverband, Germany’s largest industry association for Artificial Intelligence

Nicole Formica-Schiller acts as an impulse generator in her function as

Commissions, round tables, advisory boards

Direct exchange with politicians, academics, industry, governments. For Nicole Formica-Schiller this is crucial for advancing important topics on technological progress, innovation, and health. E.g. when she was invited to an expert exchange with the Data Ethics Commission of the German Federal Government under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice.

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Blockchain project with Technical University Munich

Transferring research into practice is important to Nicole Formica-Schiller. That is why she is the initiator and project leader of the recent project “Blockchain and AI: A new paradigm shift in biopharmaceutical financing and R&D” in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany.

Crypto Valley Blockchain Association Schweiz

Nicole Formica Schiller acts as a Sparring Partner of the Crypto Valley Association Switzerland, an independent, government-backed association. Founded to build an innovative, global, ecosystem for blockchain and crypto technologies.

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Vice-President Zürich, Board Member

Vice President Zurich and Board Member (2019-2021) at Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA). The world’s leading non-profit organization of individuals and organizations in the healthcare industry with over 10,000 members. For the advancement of women and gender parity in leadership positions.

Start-up Diversity

Mentor for Startups, Diversity & Inclusion and founder herself. Diversity in the startup ecosystem is a special concern for Nicole Formica-Schiller. That’s why she supports Startup Diversity, an initiative of the German Startups Association and digital association Bitkom. To increase the share of female founders. Through exchange with state leaders, increasing the number of women in key economic positions and in venture capital companies.