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»Questioning the status quo.
Understanding digital change!«

As a digital thought leader, Nicole Formica-Schiller is a sought-after speaker at national and international levels. She is known for making current developments and future trends tangible. She speaks out authentically what many others only think!

As an entrepreneur, she sees the opportunities, but also the risks of digital transformation every day around the world. Including socio-political, economic, ethical, geopolitical impacts on institutions, societies, and markets.

Nicole Formica-Schiller is a thought partner. This means: dynamic debates, innovative thought-provoking ideas, global practical examples, well-founded know-how, active questioning of the status quo. And the necessary pinch of humour.

For her, her audiences are discussion partners. At the same eye level. She picks them up in the digital present and challenges them to see the digital world of tomorrow from a different perspective. To independently make solution- and purpose-oriented considerations and decisions.

Different talk formats, combined to complementing each other, but also individually, are an added highlight.





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Let’s talk about!

With her enthusiasm and expertise for the following topics, Nicole Formica-Schiller inspires people worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain & Digital Transformation

Our world is changing. A transformation through Disruptive Technologies, Deep Tech, Big Data, robotics, quantum computers. But what does it look like, our new, digital future? Or is it already the present? Do we have it in our hands if we know who, what, when, why, and what for. Or don‘t we?

Future Health & Health Data

COVID-19 has ruthlessly shown that without technological and digital progress, there can be no sustainable healthcare system. What does this look like? Personalized medicine, sensitive health data, digital health, smart clothing, digital twins? Data donation, digital ethics, climate impact? Apps, wearables, Dr. Google as the measure of all things?

Digital Policy & Regulation

Over-regulation versus flexibility. Legal certainty and innovation. EU regulation of Artificial Intelligence with national and global impact. Digital legislative projects. International framework agreements. Stakeholder consultations and political decision-making processes. It’s not as complicated as it might sound.

Digital Inclusion, Diversity & Sustainability

Digital progress for the benefit of all. For a sustainable digital future. This is not mutually exclusive. But it needs trust and the opportunity to participate. Therefore, digital transformation must become a social issue.

Geopolitics & Big Tech

Technological sovereignty. Globally interconnected digital ecosystems. Governed by Big Tech (GAFAM, BAT & Co.), nation-state interests, or other? Cybersecurity? Digital race for international leadership. With security and geopolitical implications for institutions, societies, and markets. The digital world is moving closer together. And apart. Are digital allies needed?

Startup, Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Founder meets entrepreneurship. The right balance between the tried and tested and the new. Leadership through support, challenge, flexibility, transparency, trust, team culture. They exist, the new solutions to new questions.

Let’s talk together!

Her audiences cover public and private sectors from around the world, including decision-makers and leaders from economics, ranging from start-ups to large corporations, politics, various segments of society, media, academia.

“Data treasure vs. AI regulation. Conflict or Cooperation?”
Staatsregierung Sachsen, KI-Kongress
Panel discussion
“Sustainability Data for better Decision Making”
Impact Festival
Panel discussion
“Are algorithms better than us?” with Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer
Panel discussion
“With Big Data comes Big Responsibility. Attention Economy for Good”
Tech Conference
“Going digital with AI”
Digital Ministry Bavaria
“Technologische Souveränität – Deutsche KI-Entwicklung im globalen Kontext”
Paneldiskussion mit US-Botschafter a.D. John Kornblum, Prof. Christoph Igel
“Update IT-Series: KI-Regulierung in D und EU” mit Dr. Anna Christmann, B90/Die Grünen
Panel discussion
“Europe Virtual AI Bootcamp: Understanding the German Market”
Panel discussion
“AI and Blockchain Tackling the Pandemic: Science or Fiction?”
“Gesundheitsdaten für Künstliche Intelligenz, Blockchain, Zukunftstechnologien – Was kann Deutschland von anderen Ländern lernen”
Panel discussion with Prof. Ulrich Kelber, Prof. Roland Eils u.a
“Innovation im Jahr 2030: 24-Stunden eines Baden-Württembergers mit KI”
Postponed due to COVID-19
“Accelerating the Future of Health”
Keynote and moderation
“Women in the Health Sector: Navigating the Pandemic”
Panel discussion
“Ethics and AI: How to successfully integrate both into businesses”
“AI collaboration in healthcare: Fact or Myth”
Panel discussion
“Neue Ethik? Künstliche Intelligenz!”
“Powered by Attitude – Leveraging diversity and adversity in setting and achieving your goals”
Panel discussion
“Germany as a location for innovation. Why so ponderous? Digitalisation in Germany”
Guest lecture
“Digitalisierung im deutschen Gesundheitswesen: Heute das Morgen neu denken!”
Panel discussion
“Health and Wellbeing of Individuals in a Cognitive World”
“Potential of Blockchain to transform health: promise or fiction?”
Blockchance Europe 2021

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Nicole Formica-Schiller can be contacted as a public or private thought partner. Talks, in German or English, individually tailored to the audience. Designed to make them unforgettable.

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