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Founder & CEO

»I don’t wait for digital change.
I create change!«

As CEO & Founder of Pamanicor Health, a global consulting firm, Nicole Formica-Schiller drives digital transformation. A passionate entrepreneur who sees digitalization as an opportunity and implements it innovatively.

For Nicole Formica-Schiller, digitalization and health are more than rapidly changing technologies and advanced treatments that open up new possibilities. For her, it means the best possible combination of people, methods and technologies as an effective unit. For her, that means Pamanicor Health.

»A passionate entrepreneur who sees digitalization as an opportunity and implements it innovatively.«

Pamanicor Health Digital stands for digitalization in action, with the goal of sustainable healthcare for all. Interdisciplinary solutions, new digital business models, working at the forefront of tomorrow’s technologies. For the healthcare of the present and with foresight for the next generations. Always keeping an eye on regulatory requirements and international digital developments. Pamanicor Health Digital is an ally for everything around Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, and future health technologies. To jointly master the increasing challenges in a complex, networked, global health system. And to give health the highest priority it deserves.

Solving tomorrow’s health problems requires innovative and personalized solutions. Pamanicor Health Life Sciences focuses on developing and implementing differentiated solutions through dynamic, value-based design thinking. Pamanicor Health Life Sciences acts as a bridge builder between the promise of emerging technologies, the future of healthcare and the consulting needs of start-ups, global players to policy makers and academia.

When there is a lack of neutral or effective exchange formats to dynamically challenge the status quo, evaluate progress and accelerate innovation, Pamanicor Health Policy & Matrix Networks™ helps. With a multidisciplinary multi-stakeholder network for targeted results.

As an operating advisor for private equity and venture capital, Pamanicor Health Venture Circle™ acts as a facilitator and architect of transformation processes. Challenging portfolio companies to think about long-term changes and strategically position new opportunities in the market. Pamanicor Health Venture Circle™ brings new perspectives to the overall context of health data, technology, development and commercialization.